Saturday, September 30, 2017

Is a trip to Cuba really worth the hassle?

In the past, people used to prefer Cuba to spend their vacations over the other Caribbean countries for two main reasons; Cuba was the cheapest and it was the safest. Well not anymore. Here you will have the chance to know the real Cuba far away from the paid tourism propaganda.

32 reasons why Cuba is not worth visiting and not worth wasting your money in it

1. Cuba is not cheap anymore, the prices got almost as high as developed countries even though the standard of life is still bad.

2. Cuba is not as safe as it used to be, the only reason why people think Cuba is a safe country is that the media in Cuba is like everything else fully owned by the government and any crime happens will not be reported in the media so the tourism industry would not be affected negatively.

3. The cost of a vacation in Cuba is higher than most touristic countries in the Caribbean and Central America.

4. You would spend more money in your vacation in Cuba yet you will get much less services than if you spend your vacation on other nearby countries.

5. The quality of food is very bad in Cuba and you can't expect that you will find what you looking for.

6. Internet access is so expensive and limited. Even though you are in a vacation and you might need to disconnect but it still necessary to have access to internet to communicate and do your important things since making phone calls overseas from and to Cuba is very expensive.

7. Hotels are so expensive.

8. If you rent a "Casa particular" which means apartments rentals by Cuban people, you will find it hard to find an affordable, sustainable apartment in a good area with a good house owner. 

9. A Cuban house / apartment owner is required to have a renting license to be able to rent to foreigners and this way the government can charge the property owner a tax for renting. However many property owners don't report you when you rent at their property so they don't pay tax.

10. The home owners that rent for foreigners are one of the richest in Cuba and they are so arrogant, greedy and cheap, they will not give you the privacy you need and they'll try their best to over charge you because they thing you are rich as long as you are in a vacation. Also they hire poor people to clean and do the services and they oppress them paying them so little money.

11. most apartments in Cuba that you can rent are unhealthy to live in, full of humidity, fungus with lack of ventilation. 

12. If you are a young and the type that want to bring girls to your place, most apartments owners don't allow you to do that. 

13. Most Cubans have pets like dogs and cats that are not vaccinated and might be sick so be careful not to catch any disease.

14. If you are going to Cuba for sex you should expect that most prostitutes are black just in case you are into other ethnicities. Also you should expect that many of them have STD's are thieves and work for groups of gangs. 

15. There have been reports of tourists coming back from Cuba with STD's. Others have reported that being drugged and stolen and left to wake up with only their underwear on in allays sidewalks.

16. Cuban people consist of two main groups; Rich Cubans and poor Cubans and you barely find middle class and when we say rich we don't talk about the ones who have millions of dollars, Cuban people don't pay mortgage or insurances, their bills are cheap, they get all the necessary food elements for free, they have free health care and education. So whatever money they make is enough for them to live well specially if they rent their homes for foreigners. But at the same time they are fed up with the system and because they can't complain and protest against the government instead they complain to foreigners about how bad their situation is because they think all foreigners are rich and can make money so easily. 

17. Cuban people don't like foreigners in fact they look at foreigners as a prey and they will only act super nice and friendly with you so they can find a way to pull money out of your pocket or get advantage of you and they can spot a foreigner from a mile away. 

18. There is nothing special or much to see in Cuba other than beaches and old Spanish colonial falling apart buildings that are exist in all other nearby countries except in other countries you can expect better services and better conditions. 

19. By going to Cuba and spending your money there you are supporting the government because since mostly everything belongs to the government such as Hotels, resorts, bars, stores, hospitals, travel agencies etc... so almost all your money will go to the government supporting its longevity. 

20. The hygiene in Cuba is very poor and you can find garbage and broken glass everywhere and people drink alcohol in streets and throw the bottles to break it when they finish. 

21. Many thieves will target your valuables like cellphones, cameras, purses, bags, watches etc.. and they would snatch it and run away, wherever you go you will be watched from far away by thieves that are dedicated to do that and they don't even look like thieves.

22. In Cuba there are two currencies one low value currency and other high value currency that is even more expensive than the American dollar. the reason is to collect the foreign currency from the foreigners. 

23. One US dollar equals just 0.87 Cuban high value pesos and 1.00 Cuban high value pesos equals 24.00 low value Cuban pesos and some places in Cuba accept only one of these currencies, keep in mind that foreigner currencies including US dollars are not accepted in Cuba.

24. Many foreigners get confused because of this complicated system and mistakenly pay for example 20 dollars value for something that worth only one dollar.

25. Havana is the biggest, most populated and crowded city in Cuba and considered the city with more development yet its the dirtiest city in Cuba with not much interesting places to go, its hard to find good restaurants, sometimes its even hard to find a can of pop and if you find it you will be lucky to find it cold.

26. In Havana even though its the capital there is no night life, street 23 is supposed to be the main street of the city with some cafeterias that sells mainly Pisa and pop and there is always long lineups and they close early.

27. Night Clubs in Cuba in general and in Havana in specific are small and full of thieves that use women to target foreigners. 

28. In Havana and other places in Cuba they make carnivals of course these carnivals are nothing comparing to carnivals in other countries. Also its not safe attending these carnivals as many problems happens, too many fights and drunks and people get stabbed specially foreigners and don't expect any help from police as they don't do anything.

29. In Cuba foreigner TV channels are not allowed except in hotels, other than hotels you will only see boring local channels and local news that show Cuba as if it was the best country in the world ever.

30. Most homes in Cuba that you can rent would not have conditions you need like permanent water, hot water, air conditioner, washer machine etc...

31. Tap water in Cuba is not drinkable.

32. Most cars in Cuba are old and produce toxic gases and the air is so polluted. Also sewage and untreated waste water is poured directly into rivers and sea, so think twice before swimming somewhere in Cuba.

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